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IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System i.e. is a standardized English proficiency test. It assesses English Language skills in the areas of listening, reading, writing and speaking. The British Council, IDP and University of Cambridge ESOL EXAMINATIONS jointly own it.

IELTS has two variations. The Academic module is for students who either want to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate courses or have professional reasons. The General Training Module is for people who either wish to join vocational courses or want to immigrate. Overall, the general test is easier than the academic test.

Performance in each section (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing) is rated on 9 bands. The final score is the average IELTS of the scores secured in the individual sections.

IELTS Structure

Reading : The Reading test is different for Academic candidates and General candidates. The Academic reading has 3 long passages whereas the General reading has 4-5 passages.

Listening : The Listening test is same for both Academic and General training test takers. The test consists of four sections. The recording is played only once. The test is of 30 minutes. The test takers are given 10 minutes extra to transfer the answers to the answer sheet.

Writing : The Writing task is different for Academic and General test takers. In Academic, the first task (atleast 150 words) is to describe a graph/table/chart/diagram whereas, in General, the first task is to write a letter (atleast 150 words). However, the second writing task is to write an essay (atleast 250 words), which is common for both Academic and General, test takers.

Speaking : The Speaking test consists of a personal interview that lasts between 11 – 15 minutes. All the speaking tests are recorded. The topics asked are usually close to real-life situations.

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