I-Sky International


Conversational - From everyday simple conversation to idiomatic conversation

Grammar - From basic tenses and grammar points to TOEFL/IELTS level structures.

Methodology-Workshop classes, lots of oral/written exercises, lots of stage/group discussion work, lots of multi-media teaching aids, workbooks/reference books/reading lists, periodic submission of written homework, vocabulary building audios.

Pronunciation & Accent- Reading dictionary phonetic symbols, intensive listening and speaking practice.

Composition- Day-to-day reviews on lectures, grammar- based compositions, précis writing, letters, essays, reports, speeches.

Group discussion - On dozens of current and vital topics.

Public Speaking - Many speeches in smaller groups and on the stage.

Creative Visualization - The technique of creating a powerful future through goal-setting and visualization.

Our motto is not only to teach our students English, Public Speaking, Group Discussion and Self-Development, but also to build their strong careers and character through goal-setting, self-confidence, persistence and hard work.